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Prearranging funerals: An act of faith, a gift Prearranging funerals: An act of faith, a gift
Prearranging one's own funeral may seem macabre, but it actually saves time, money and anxiety. That is, according to the Rev. Loretta Job, director of congregational care and adult faith formation at Brighton (Mich.) First United Methodist Church.
Christian conferencing shapes disciples
Ministries make sure older adults remain connected, valued
Retirement planning: it is not just for you
Writing a will is an act of stewardship
Who are “older adults?”
A Liberian senior’s story
Spiritual issues shape life after retirement
Weighing the options
Help Me, Please; I'm a Caregiver
The talk you have to have
Russian Protestants focus on human rights
Faith and Aging: A Spiritual Pilgrimage
The Upper Room nurtures a global prayer movement
The Upper Room nurtures a global prayer movement
Grace, wisdom and courage: Gifts of friendship with older adults
God isn't finished with us yet!
Native American Seminary Scholar hopes to mentor others
Caring church eases difficult journey

 To be United Methodist...
Bernice Stropes

 United Methodist Higher Education
AU Grad influences change in Malawi
Decidedly United Methodist [March-April 2013]

 The Advance
Alternative Giving – The Spirit of the Season [November-December 2013]

 United Methodist Committee on Relief
When the Unthinkable Happens, UMCOR Brings Hope [March-April 2013]

 "We asked ... you said ... "

 It Worked for Us
Mission trip teaches lessons
Celebrating longtime servants
Hymn, Scripture memories remain

 Idea Mart
‘Using Technology for Social Good’
General Conference delegate elections beginning
Aging in Poverty Ministry Grants Available
Celebrate Asian, Pacific Island Heritage Month

Technology: Middle, older adults expanding social networks
Growing Impact of Technology in Health

 First Thoughts
The Work of Aging

July- August 2012
Wholly Bible:
A View from the Pew
Sighs and Signs
Man, Oh Man
A Modest Lent
The Post-Christmas Adventure
Slaughter of the Innocents
Illusion of race too-often supported by religion
Fresh Waters and Stale Politics
Notes on the Marrying Messiah
Spiritual geography reminds us of constants
Seeking to walk reconciliation road
Encounters in the wilderness
Blessing all the creatures
No boring days in God's creation
Nativity Scene Role of a Lifetime
Finding Truth across the Decades
August carol is graceful reminder
Storms won't be escaped forever
Trust Fund
The Web We Weave
May Day
The Never-Ending Story
Keep Talking
Boom or Bust?
Just in Time
Music of the Spheres
Salt and Light and Potholes
Finding a Way Forward
Unholy Racket
Happiness: The Research, the Search
Grief and Belief
Going Far Together
God’s Economy
Mood Swings
Seeing Things
Malls and Amazement
Revolutionary Road
Out-of-body experience

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